The first page to this blog is my first attempted at blogging my journey to making money online. The sites you see here are all the places I have visited or joined since I started this blog in 2008. Some of the websites are no longer around because this is what happens in the online internet world. It is a marathon race to riches.

I continue on my journey while making great progress along the way. There is much to learn about making money online. If this is the journey you want to take, I'll be happy to provide you with a road map to your success.

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Here you will find my recommendation and review of some of the Best Online Coaching Mentors that will lead you to Making Money Online In A Very Short Time.

It's Been An Interesting Race Thus Far!

It's been a very interesting marathon race to riches thus far. I've raced pass so many places on the web these 18 months or so. My marathon race is really just beginning. This whole time I've been in training. I picked up some really great affiliates tips and tricks to make money online. I also joined several Matrix programs and a couple of Social Sites below.

My New List of Affiliates Sites

Twitter Traffic Machine - The Automated Growth & Money Making System.
The System Explains How To Grow A Twitter Account
Rapidly W/total Automation Via 5 Videos. In Video 6, We
Then Show How Create A Viral Affiliate Business. The
System Is Automated For Affiliates Using Your Twitter
Account. Turn It On, Forget, & Make Money!

One Week Marketing - Very Popular Online Marketing
Plan. Tired Of Info Over-load? Need A Real Plan Of Action
To Finally Make Money Online? The OWM Daily Action Plan
Is Perfect For You!


These programs are doing really well as far as payouts and building a downline.
I was amazed or excited at the same time to see real earnings for once. Yeppie-I-O!

This is one great site, called Ad-Ventures4U a traffic exchange that share 75% on ventures plus (90% to 100%) on other income of our revenue with members that have purchased ventures. (Take a good look at this one, I joined in Jan.2009 but I didn't upgrade until end of April 2009. My ventures grow as long as I follow the terms, surf 25 everyday, earn cash. Everyone earn the same % no matter when you join.

Start a Home-Based Business for only $7!
This Is Too E A S Y and F I N A N C I A L L Y Rewarding, I Recommend this one to "E V E R Y O N E" who wants to stack their money.

How Would you like a team of thousands behind you, helping
you to fill your downline and helping you to earn $100's
That's what you get when you join Team One World!

Let us show you how to turn a monthly $10 investment into $500,
$1,000, or up to over $47,000 each month, and get the advertising that you
need to help you create a residual income in other home businesses.
Try us for 30 Days Free!

Join the Best Follow-me Matrix Program on the net and Receive Commission and re-entry into the matrix when you complete your 2 x 2 matrix....(it doesn't matter who places members in Your Martix - spillover, spillunder, etc.) And, every member you sponsor can "follow-you" into another matrix paying you $200 and the cycle continues Over and Over !! All from a small One-Time $11 Payment.

The EzyCashGifts Program is the NEWEST and easiest Cash Gifting Program available right now! Join me and get started on your journey towards financial freedom today! Only $5 to start.

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