The first page to this blog is my first attempted at blogging my journey to making money online. The sites you see here are all the places I have visited or joined since I started this blog in 2008. Some of the websites are no longer around because this is what happens in the online internet world. It is a marathon race to riches.

I continue on my journey while making great progress along the way. There is much to learn about making money online. If this is the journey you want to take, I'll be happy to provide you with a road map to your success.

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Paid To Write

Yes, companies will pay you to write or post on their site.  There are discussion sites that will pay you for your creative discussions and your comments to other members discussions.  The pay is small amounts but pennies do add up over time, when you keep at it.  One time I want to make a quick $10 on a site, so I spent about 1 to 2 hours a day for a week, coming up with interesting topics for discussions.  I met my goal and requested a payout the same week to my paypal account.  FYI- I posted several discussions and uploaded images because you earn from your images too.  I won't spend a lot of my time on social sites like Facebook and MySpace chatting and posting unless it will pay me for doing so.

Below is a list of trusted sites I use and recommend:
Note: These are my referral links provided to you to access each site

Do You Tweet?  Get Paid To Tweet with Sponsored Tweets!
Connect with sponsors and be a conversation starter, set your own price.
SponsoredTweets referral badge 

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send and read each other’s updates, known as tweets. Head over to Twitter and sign up.

Then, join Sponsored Tweets a platform that helps you monetize Tweets created via Twitter. You have to be on Twitter first , so go to their website and sign up if you haven’t yet done so!

Sponsored Tweets uses Twitter’s OAuth process to create a connection between their platform and Twitter. To sign up for Sponsored Tweets you simply click here and click the “allow” button after you’ve logged into Twitter.  I have a Basic Free Account, but you can get a Pro account a 30 Day FREE Trial
$1.99 per month after · One click cancel any time

You Can Earn Money Like I Have In 3 Ways!
  1. $5.92 Total earned to date from 16 advertisers over 23 Opps!
  2. $3.69 Referral earnings from 4 tweeters!
  3. $0.00 Referral earnings from 0 Advertisers
Or; you can lose money from missed opportunities like I have...

 $2.05 Lost potential earnings to date from 16 missed Opps

Earn Money Using myLot! 

Mylot want their users to help their website explode, and to reward you they will pay you every time you use myLot! 

The goal is to provide internet users a place to earn money using the web on a day to day basis. It's easy, sign up and start discussions, post responses or comments to current discussions, news or blogs, perform searches, or refer friends! 

You will get paid monthly with a minimum account balance of $10. You have the option to increase your minimum payment to $25, $50 or $100. All payments will be in US dollars and made via PayPal, depending on the country you reside in. All users will be required to have a valid PayPal account.

The things people do for $5!  
          What are you willing to do for $5? is a marketplace for gigs that are priced at $5. Essentially, you can sell and buy tasks for $5

  • Services that are offered by sellers on Fiverr are called "Gigs".
  • Gigs on Fiverr are offered for a fixed price of $5.
  • Only registered users can buy and sell on Fiverr. Registration is free.