The first page to this blog is my first attempted at blogging my journey to making money online. The sites you see here are all the places I have visited or joined since I started this blog in 2008. Some of the websites are no longer around because this is what happens in the online internet world. It is a marathon race to riches.

I continue on my journey while making great progress along the way. There is much to learn about making money online. If this is the journey you want to take, I'll be happy to provide you with a road map to your success.

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Here you will find my recommendation and review of some of the Best Online Coaching Mentors that will lead you to Making Money Online In A Very Short Time.

My Marathon Race Continues...

Thanks for visiting today!  What you're looking at is all the places I've visited during my race to riches, places where I decided to stop by along the way and join their affiliate programs and found interesting enough to share here.  This will always be my first blog where I will continue to make a post every-so-often.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Do...

I've come pretty far from where I started on the internet and I credit much of it to what I learned from The Profit Lance Course in the begining and today, alot more of it is being enhanced by what I'm currently learning from
Stephen Pierce's "The MRMI Super Cash"  simple step-by-step training and loaded with so many quick start making ideas and he show you just how to set them up.  Also, the Potpie Girl, expertise in article writing on Squidoo.
Visit my blog "How To Make Money Internet Training", if you want to learn more about these programs.

Update On My Progress,
I don't see the finish line, only markers along the path.  So, far I have learned to all about Traffic Exchanges, Safelist, Classified Ads, Text Ads, Social Networking, Affiliate Marketing, Blogs, Web Hosting, Domain Names and many more as you can see below.  My most recent, is making Youtube videos something that I tried hard to shy away from, as well as Article writing.

I believe that; I would probably be alot farther in this race if it was not for my fears or I can it procrastination, but I think it is more fear like, having to do a video with my face on it and public speaking for the world to see and hear.
Procrastination because I tried to avoid it as long as I could.  The same with writing articles, I'm not a writer and I write like I speak mostly.  Having to write 200 - 500 words is like asking me to write a book, I know how to write short memos but thats as far as I wanted to go.  Once I was shown how to write an article, the task didn't seem so challenging after all, thank you (David W).  So, I'm off again and I'll blog with you later.
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WHITNEY, TX - July 17, 2009 - Stephen Pierce, the World’s #1 Internet Wealth Advocate, announces the launch of his new website, MRMI Super Cash System.

Pierce has appeared on FOX News, NBC News, ABC News, CBS, DayTime, Daystar, ABC News Radio, Bloomberg Business Radio and other major network TV stations and cable shows radio programs to explain to audiences how they, too, can make money from their homes on the internet they way Pierce has the past ten years.

"It takes as much time to stay broke as it does to earn $100,000 per month," says Pierce. "The key to surviving in a down economy isn't a second job. It's passive residual income from work you only do one time. I teach you exactly how to do that."

A MRMI Super Cash membership gives people the ongoing support they need as they create online businesses from their homes yet it is also priced very economically so that it can fit most any budget. The initial fee is only $1.

"I’ve never forgotten what it was like to literally own nothing. I would’ve given anything for a little bit of guidance at the beginning. I would have loved a real step-by-step money making system like my MRMI Super Cash system years ago. It would have helped me to avoid costly mistakes and succeed much faster," says Pierce.

Members will receive the following as part of their membership:

* Weekly coaching sessions - Live weekly webinars where members can get their questions answered.

* 12 Instant Income Machines - These are 12 ready-to-go websites where members "Just Add Traffic" and keep 100% of the profits.

* 7 Steps to Success worksheet.

* Proven Success Diagram - Takes you step by step through the process of making money online.

* Instant traffic expert videos, checklist and process maps - These are the key to bringing visitors to your website again and again.

* Free software, worksheets, guides and more.

* 70 minute "Real Money, Real Fast" video - Footage of a dynamic presentation given by Pierce.

* 12 "Google Cash Creators" - Members "Just Add Traffic" to these ready-to-go websites and make money from Google without selling anything.

MRMI Super Cash System members include stay-at-home moms, retired folks, real estate investors, financial planners and people from all walks of life. You don't need to have any computer skills to become a member and to use the tools provided to members. For more information about visit: MRMI Super Cash

MRMI SuperCash System

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I joined a great site called "MyLot".
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3 *Really* Ugly Affiliate Sites...You Have Got To Watch This AWESOME Affiliate Makeover Video, Now!

Anik Singal & LUrn_inc just released an awesome video on "Affiliate Makeover" Episode & he's giving away a FREE Blueprint report.

The other day, I received an email about this new Affiliate classroom training. So click on the link and much to my surprise I clued to the site for a moment or two. I wanted to see IF they had found my site or not.

The email headline read: Yparson, 3 *Really* Ugly Affiliate Sites...(You Gotta See This!)

and the next read: "Join Us LIVE As Our “3 Victims” Reveal Exactly What They Learned!"
It turned out to be someone else site- whew, I'm relieved.

My review on the site is Thumbs Up! I've raced to many training sites in my 18 months online, so far this one's a winner. You really such watch the video, I bet you'll come back for more. Don't forget to signup and get your Free Blueprint, there's actually even more FREE stuff on the site that they're giving away.

Affiliate Classroom 2.0 currently in pre-launch - but if you go to the site NOW - you can get a seat before class starts!

Affiliate Classroom v2

This Program Really Delivers!

I'm still searching the net looking for more ways to boost my income to accommodate my lifestyle. I find a program called "One Week Marketing" by Potpiegirl. She's offers the first 18 pages of One Week Marketing for FREE. I requested the free offer and I liked it so much, I purchased the program for only $47 and instead access to the program. I get step-by-step training thru videos and emails. I'm learning how to pick out keywords to match a clickbank product to sell and then write articles and place ads to make money with. The stuff she shows you all free methods to get your started. I recommend you request the free offer and if you think it's something you can make money with and worth the investment-don't hesitate any longer. You'll make the money back in no time!

They say "a journey of a thousand miles all starts with a single step".

Working online is no different.

You have to take that first step to get to the good stuff =)

However, the hardest step seems to be that first one.

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It's Been An Interesting Race Thus Far!

It's been a very interesting marathon race to riches thus far. I've raced pass so many places on the web these 18 months or so. My marathon race is really just beginning. This whole time I've been in training. I picked up some really great affiliates tips and tricks to make money online. I also joined several Matrix programs and a couple of Social Sites below.

My New List of Affiliates Sites

Twitter Traffic Machine - The Automated Growth & Money Making System.
The System Explains How To Grow A Twitter Account
Rapidly W/total Automation Via 5 Videos. In Video 6, We
Then Show How Create A Viral Affiliate Business. The
System Is Automated For Affiliates Using Your Twitter
Account. Turn It On, Forget, & Make Money!

One Week Marketing - Very Popular Online Marketing
Plan. Tired Of Info Over-load? Need A Real Plan Of Action
To Finally Make Money Online? The OWM Daily Action Plan
Is Perfect For You!


These programs are doing really well as far as payouts and building a downline.
I was amazed or excited at the same time to see real earnings for once. Yeppie-I-O!

This is one great site, called Ad-Ventures4U a traffic exchange that share 75% on ventures plus (90% to 100%) on other income of our revenue with members that have purchased ventures. (Take a good look at this one, I joined in Jan.2009 but I didn't upgrade until end of April 2009. My ventures grow as long as I follow the terms, surf 25 everyday, earn cash. Everyone earn the same % no matter when you join.

Start a Home-Based Business for only $7!
This Is Too E A S Y and F I N A N C I A L L Y Rewarding, I Recommend this one to "E V E R Y O N E" who wants to stack their money.

How Would you like a team of thousands behind you, helping
you to fill your downline and helping you to earn $100's
That's what you get when you join Team One World!

Let us show you how to turn a monthly $10 investment into $500,
$1,000, or up to over $47,000 each month, and get the advertising that you
need to help you create a residual income in other home businesses.
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Join the Best Follow-me Matrix Program on the net and Receive Commission and re-entry into the matrix when you complete your 2 x 2 matrix....(it doesn't matter who places members in Your Martix - spillover, spillunder, etc.) And, every member you sponsor can "follow-you" into another matrix paying you $200 and the cycle continues Over and Over !! All from a small One-Time $11 Payment.

The EzyCashGifts Program is the NEWEST and easiest Cash Gifting Program available right now! Join me and get started on your journey towards financial freedom today! Only $5 to start.

I'm Making Marketing Videos Now!

See over to the left, that's my homemade video I made online. As you can see, I'll need lots more practice. My Motto Now-a-days is "You don't know until you try it!".

I created this site at ANIMOTO. Animoto produces TV-quality music videos using your own photos in just minutes, then choose a song and Add them to your MySpace & Facebook profiles, or your blog, e-mail them to friends, put them up on YouTube or download them onto your computer.

Start making your very own simple videos now. Type in this code "ardoglei" to get 5 bucks off your All-Access Pass. Have FUN!

Animoto - Instant Music Videos

Follow My Blueprint For Easy Online Wealth Using ClickBank Code!

Michael Jones has been doing some in-depth research into Clickbank.
I'm talking about real crazy professor style scientific experiments...

Grab His Exact STEP-BY-STEP System He Used Daily to Rake in $46,000 PLUS Each Month with Clickbank! Click Here!">

I Finally Found My Niche

Bruce Castro of Allsolutionsnetwork has out done himself on this one. When I took a look at the site, I immediately thought of Costco and Sams club wherehouses, if you ever been inside one they sell everything from food to vacations, car and home loans, they even have a pharmacy, sell car tires, furniture the whole nine yards of endless products and services.

All Solutions Network has taken products and services to the next level and offer its services and products online; A World of Opportunity and Solutions!
This is what you will find on the site below:

"Whatever the issue, the problem, the need-- The Solutions Network have the solution... Free information and services on a wide range of issues... Health, Finance, Income, Legal, Real Estate, Family Support, Credit, Bankruptcy, etc... We provide effective, low cost, even free solutions to today's pressing issues, Plus-- a unique business opportunity that allows you to earn from each and every product or service that we provide!"

The Solutions Network Where Opportunity Always Knocks!

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