The first page to this blog is my first attempted at blogging my journey to making money online. The sites you see here are all the places I have visited or joined since I started this blog in 2008. Some of the websites are no longer around because this is what happens in the online internet world. It is a marathon race to riches.

I continue on my journey while making great progress along the way. There is much to learn about making money online. If this is the journey you want to take, I'll be happy to provide you with a road map to your success.

You are welcome to visit my other site at:
Here you will find my recommendation and review of some of the Best Online Coaching Mentors that will lead you to Making Money Online In A Very Short Time.

I'm Making Marketing Videos Now!

See over to the left, that's my homemade video I made online. As you can see, I'll need lots more practice. My Motto Now-a-days is "You don't know until you try it!".

I created this site at ANIMOTO. Animoto produces TV-quality music videos using your own photos in just minutes, then choose a song and Add them to your MySpace & Facebook profiles, or your blog, e-mail them to friends, put them up on YouTube or download them onto your computer.

Start making your very own simple videos now. Type in this code "ardoglei" to get 5 bucks off your All-Access Pass. Have FUN!

Animoto - Instant Music Videos

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